Ксения Бородина о перевороте в Турции: «Если почувствуем угрозу, вернемся в Россию» “StarHit” find out how the rest of the presenter and her daughters. Ksenia Borodina on the eve of the terrible events went on holiday in Kemer. Celebrity worried about the safety of their loved ones.

      Ксения Бородина о перевороте в Турции: «Если почувствуем угрозу, вернемся в Россию»

      The permanent presenter of the TV project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina before he went to rest in Turkey with her daughter Marusia and half-year-old Thea. Celebrity decided to have their children vacation in Kemer. Moreover, for the youngest daughter Borodina this trip was the first trip abroad. Now, however, Turkey is not the most favorable situation. According to media reports, currently in Ankara and Istanbul occurs attempt of a military coup.

      Also, together with Borodina went to a trip with her friend’s daughter. “StarHit” contacted the Xenia to find out what’s happening in the city, where they rest, whether they are safe, and you are not going to interrupt vacation due to the difficult political situation.

      “We are about the events in Turkey have learned from your call. Now read on the Internet and terrifying. I have kids sleeping. We have now all is well, relax. But, of course, if tomorrow we feel any threat, immediately will fly home to Moscow. I hope that all will be well,” said the “StarHit” leading “House-2”.

      This is not the first journey Borodina in Kemer. As before, the TV presenter was staying at his favorite hotel “Maxx Royal”. The star had planned to stay in Turkey a little over a week, and hopes that a coup will bypass the city, where they stopped.

      Ksenia told me that her eldest daughter Mary likes to rest in Kemer. That is why, as soon as the country became officially open for Russian tourists, Xenia decided that their vacation will be held in Turkey.

      Recall that in early August of last year, before all the political events in Turkey, Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov held in this hot country on your honeymoon. After the wedding, the couple went to one of the luxury hotels on the coast – Rixos Premium Tekirova. So they settled in a spacious two-story Villa. Together with new spouses were their children from previous marriages, daughter Xenia Marusia and son Kurban lobster. Offering family had three bathrooms, two bedrooms, living room and even a private pool and garden.

      Husband Ksenia Borodina has shared a touching video with his daughter

      “I haven’t slept! – shared with “StarHit” the impressions of their vacation the presenter. – Sea, sun, love and children in district not a soul – in such moments you feel truly happy! Every day we had Breakfast on the terrace. Usually it was cereal, hot cakes and always fruit berries. There are the tasty melons and cherries – we ate around the clock”.

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