Ksenia BIK found happiness after the death of her husband

Ксения Бик обрела счастье после смерти мужа
The widow of Dmitry Marjanova told about a large and bright feel.

Dmitry Maryanov and Xenia BIK


Ksenia BIK found a way to relive what happened in her life tragedy. The widow of Dmitry Marjanova, who died in mid-October, with the head turned to work. She became a consultant to the women’s training, the purpose of which is involvement in the lives of participants is large and bright love. Xenia, during the life of the actor, told me that her feelings for Dmitry was not similar to what she felt about men before. And now the BIK admits that he knows exactly how to distinguish “fake” from real love and ready to teach other women.

As told Ksenia in social networks, this feeling helped her to transform suffering after her husband’s death in happiness. “Under this powerful force disguises a lot of different feelings and costwise: habit, sexual affection, passion, pragmatism, duty, “agimat”, the number of years lived (stupid mind!), and more. Hence the erroneous assertion that love is pain! No! To understand what it is you fortunately! Love is always happiness! Even when it’s bad and hard and always happy! Even when no money, no work, nowhere to live is happiness. When the disease and death — happiness! Happiness is automatically converted to almost any condition. Both. So it is easy to learn.

Ask me how many poems, poems, novels about tragic love? Where did the statement love is pain? Answer. We are not enough. We have too little. And we don’t write poems and verses. We look in the face for years on end, we look at the sky and catch a snowflake nose, we break the head over a gift, we play with children “who will brush my teeth”, drink delicious coffee, swim in the oceans, forget the house phone… it’s not up poems and piano concertos! And how to make her come, I can tell in my consultations. When it is, of course, someone will need a Hug… all with Love and warmth! Remember that whatever happens to us — we have touched God. It does not change!” — writes Ksenia in the Network.