Ksenia Bezuglova became the mother of many children

Ксения Безуглова стала многодетной матерью The woman had a third child. Xenia and her husband Alex are celebrating the appearance of the son. Social activist announced the addition to the family on the personal page in a social network. Social media users leave a couple warm wishes.
Ксения Безуглова стала многодетной матерью

34-year-old Ksenia Bezuglova, the winner of the contest for people with disabilities “Vertical”, which is similar to “Miss world”, celebrates the completion of the family. The young woman again became a mother: she gave her husband Alexei, a charming son.

The long-awaited news Bezuglova shared in one of the social networks. Speaking about the appearance of the son, she could not hide her emotions. The woman and her husband are in the seventh heaven from happiness.

“Weaked news! Yesterday we were four, and among the mountains of platishke, ribbons, hats and dolls in the corner stood a ridiculous dad’s bag with Boxing gloves! But from today everything will be different, because the light there was a real man, my father’s ally and supporter, strong, beautiful, long-awaited big boy, weighing 3170 grams and a height of 51 inches! Finally we will have a helicopter on the radio and railway. If anything, I’m a mother in a wheelchair, cheers!” – shared Bezuglova in the microblog.

Followers of Xenia congratulated her on the completion of the family and wished the kid the best. “You’re a big lad!”, “Our girl, there’s a good three hundred times, an example for millions, And it’s great,” “good Health! I’m sure all the rest, and so will”, “Super”, “Crying over you from happiness,” “Beautiful family” is discussed by users of social networks.

Note that the young woman was not hiding her third pregnancy from the public. She has shared pictures on Instagram that were clearly visible changes in her figure. In addition, Bezuglova regularly participated in various events. So, at the end of September, the beauty made as part of a major women’s conference in Kazan.

Ksenia Bezuglova and her husband Alex are the parents of the charming daughters – eight-year-old Taisiya and two year old Alex. In an interview, the young woman confessed that the meeting with her future husband for her was a real godsend and has brought to life a radical change. Then the heart of Xenia was busy and she was going to start a family with another person. But in the end Bezuglova chose Alexis.

“We met with him, began to walk, make friends. And I remember that tears came to mom and mom says: “Daughter, why are you crying?” I said, “I can’t explain to you why I’m crying”, “are You afraid to get married, perhaps?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “Oh no!” – shared Ksenia in the program “Alone with all”.