Ксения Алферова сорвалась с диеты в Америке
The actress “had a ball” during a holiday in the United States.

Ксения Алферова сорвалась с диеты в Америке

Ksenia Alferova

Ksenia Alferova

Ksenia Alferova, which is used around the clock
to work while filming, touring and doing charity Fund
flew in a long-awaited vacation. The actress, who has always been amazing
open-minded and cheerful girl during the American holiday every day
shares new photos, each of which leaves a signature, one
enthusiastic other. In the airplane she admitted that she did not believe his
happiness and that finally flies rest.

“I’m flying over the ocean and can’t believe my eyes! Well
well it is beautiful! — said Alferov. — And it takes only a few
hours! I’m going to big bird and admire the extraordinary beauty, choking on
delight, overflowing with gratitude to God that created this beauty and me. To
the mother that gave birth to the inventor of the plane that gave me the ability to fly,
friends that were invited to this long journey!”

Arriving in Florida, she said that
feels like the heroine of a beautiful life and slowly mastering the art of “doing nothing”.

After spending a few days on the beach, the actress began
active: she allowed herself total freedom, not denying that
under strict ban in Moscow.

“Being in America, and even in Orlando, and even in
the amusement Park than you need for lunch? Right, a giant hot dog! — laughs
Xenia. — Break up with Sagem on time! Back to childhood, forward to the rides!
I rolled and navyseals on a roller coaster of all kinds, thoughts
no, only the smiles and delight of the children!”