Ksenia Alferova tamed horse

Ксения Алферова приручила лошадь
The actress has engaged in professional horse riding.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Xenia Alegrova, which had long dreamed of and finally took up horse
riding for three months became almost professional
rider. The actress boasted that she had finally managed to tame his
Hendrik the horse, and now she is positively galloping.

“I can brag — said Alferov. — Congratulate me,
friends, I already ride at a gallop! And I love it! You become
the horse one, the wind whistling, and the illusion that you’re in a wide field
borne afar on the wings of freedom! Have a great day and faithful friends, such as
noble, honest, strong and kind, like my Hendrik!”

By the way, when Xenia started their studies in
equestrian complex, she could not tame his pet for
what is constantly lost in it.

“My handsome
Hendrik, makes me hone the character, told about his pet Ksusha. I considered myself a solid,
hard, strict, but it was the opposite. Horses really feel the essence
person. Hendrik thinks I’m too lenient and not strict, and therefore
lazy and sets their own rules! Periodically it turns out that I’m not him, and he
me leads. I promise that sugar will not get, but he knows he will still get
and sugar, and hugs, and sweet words, and “kissing”!”

By the way, Alferov is in excellent physical
the form, which helps her daily Pilates. Special
exercise makes
body mobile and flexible. Besides, through proper load disappears

However, the concept of
“extra pounds” does not have to Xenia. Actress
plays sports every morning. Xenia regularly participates in marathons,
easily overcomes a distance of 10 kilometers. In the winter she
with pleasure skates.

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