Ksenia Alferova staged a naked swim

Ксения Алферова устроила заплыв голышом TV presenter and actress is enjoying the Sunny days abroad. While on vacation in Italy, Ksenia Alferova dare to strip before you go to sea. In the video, which came to taste the fans of the stars, she poses Topless.
Ксения Алферова устроила заплыв голышом

43-year-old actress and presenter Ksenia Alferova quite often pleases fans of bright shots taken on vacation. Now a celebrity in Italy, where the great spends time walking around the local sights, tasting the delicacies and tanning under the hot sun. Fans of the actress got used to the fact that she prefers to sunbathe Topless, but recently, she again surprised subscribers provocative video, which she dipped into the water without top of the leotard.

In his post Alferov shared the emotions from the long awaited trip to another country. According to the women, she’s happy to be alone with nature.

“I would love to live by the sea! Morning meeting with the serenity that gives me strength and restores harmony within. I let the sea be part of it and some time to go through your life without bumping into the reefs, and when you meet them quietly go around them, not worrying and not allowing them to hurt me! How to save the sea in itself longer?! Swam in the fog, when you come back do not know!” – said the actress.

Fans of Xenia was delighted with its publication and agreed with the view of the stars. “Beautiful,” “How I understand you! Exactly the same feeling! When leaving the sea, I miss yearn as your loved one,” was discussed in the comments to the post actress.

Alferov previously released the shot where she poses in sea Topless bathing suit. The woman admitted that she loves to swim. Xenia also wished his followers a good mood and to smile more often.

“If I believed in reincarnation, I would have thought that in a past life was some kind of Dolphin! Water is my element! And the sea is my passion, love! Love it anyone! Greet him first in the early morning when the sun just got up! The sea in the morning tender, fragrant, delicate. Caress you, happily accepting your life gives you the strength, energy, peace, wisdom!” – shared the actress.

The subscribers Ksenia supported her in the comments. “Thank you! A good holiday”, “You should write books, And I love the sea,” “the Joys and all Goodies”, “mermaid”, “Totally agree with you”, “How to properly and mentally say”, “Wonderful word”, “Continuous positive”, – discussed social media users.

By the way, while Ksenia Alferova enjoy the stay in another country, her husband Egor Beroev working up a sweat. The actor is busy filming a new espionage detective of NTV “the lighthouse Keeper”, which is held in Rostov-on-don.