Ксения Алферова высказалась об отношениях с вдовой Абдулова
The actress explained why the father called her a “monster”.

Alexander Abdulov with her daughter Ksenia

Photo: @ksenialferova Instagram Ksenia Alferova

Alexander Abdulov on may 29, would have turned 65 years old. Ksenia Alferova, the adopted daughter of actor, shared his memories about him in the blog. Birthday Abdulova in social networks there was a record of the actress where she talks about what an unusual nickname for her when something came up Alexander Gavriilovich.

“Dad used to call me “the beast” and looked at me with such love, such pride and admiration that I knew, knew that I was the most beautiful, wonderful and favorite monster in the world! He was also a close friend of mine! Thanks, dad, for your unconditional love!” — wrote Network Alferov.

In addition, Xenia recommended to anyone who longs for Alexander Gavriilovich to review the film “the Inventor”. It is about the actor told the people who were truly close with him. Alferov and she often watches this movie, because still can not come to terms with the death of the Pope. “Miss him very much! Still aching!” — shares experiences actress.

By the way, in the comments, the fans asked Alferova: does it maintain contact with the widow of Alexander Gavriilovich — Julia and his daughter, Eugenia? Members suggested that the 11-year-old daughter Abdulov may not know that she has a sister. “She knows. But we don’t communicate” said dryly, Xenia. On further questioning about the reasons for the lack of understanding Alferov’s reply no longer wanted.