Ksenia Alferova relieves stress in an original way

Ксения Алферова снимает стресс оригинальным способом
Actress remembered child’s play.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: @ksenialferova (Instagram Ksenia Alferova)

Ksenia Alferova has discovered an original way of relieving stress. Recently, the actress is sure: in order to stop experiencing negative emotions, relax and improve their mood, just to enjoy the swing. And if you do not one and with the loved one, the effect will be even stronger.

“When a few days ago, it was cold and it was snowing, we went with my daughter early in the morning from home, — says Ksenia. Del was a lot, and I want to do, it was not clear! The middle of the day, both are hungry, parked the car far from the place where I was headed. Damp, wind, late. I’m carrying the child, she’s naughty — and suddenly swing. In the middle of the hustle and bustle, dullness, noise of cars rushing past and sullen people — swing! We threw our bags and sat down in an embrace and started to fly up and down, higher and higher, my heart would stop, the child returned, we flew and laughed. We had a good, fun and easy! Ten minutes of flight — and all around has ceased to be gloomy and annoying!”

After this adventure, according to the stars, they together with Dunyasha “flew” the rest of the day — they went well all the cases.

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