Ksenia Alferova painful perceived the situation with the program “Wait for me”

Ксения Алферова болезненно восприняла ситуацию с программой «Жди меня» Presenter spoke about the future of the TV show, which never aired on the First channel. In recognition of Ksenia Alferova, she is upset by recent events. However, the actress believes that the transfer will continue to exist.
Ксения Алферова болезненно восприняла ситуацию с программой «Жди меня»

In September, fans of “Wait for me” was saddened by the news that the First channel has not renewed the contract with the company “VID”, which produced transmission. Later Alexander Lyubimov reassured the audience, saying that his subordinates are preparing a new version of the TV show. About which the button will show the program is still unknown.

Earlier it was reported that Aleksandr Galibin resigned as host of the popular transmission. Until recently, his former colleague Ksenia Alferova preferred not to speak about the current situation. Many fans of the TV show wrote to her with questions about his future. The actress decided to clarify the situation and made a statement on his page in one of social networks.

“I know what you mean. I know that the TV company “VID” has prepared a new, updated Studio that the team that creates the program, there were a lot of new ideas that at the end of August we were supposed to be a new record, but the First channel has not renewed the contract with the broadcaster. (…) How I feel about that? And how can you treat that time, one stroke of the pen the hopes of thousands of people disappeared into oblivion?! I’m hurt, I’m bitter!” asked Alferov to the subscribers.
Ксения Алферова болезненно восприняла ситуацию с программой «Жди меня»

According to the leader, she cares for those who are looking for loved ones. In addition, Alferov expressed gratitude to his colleagues, who over a long period of time worked on the new editions of the transmission. The actress also remembered the Creator of “Wait for me” Sergey Kushnerev, suddenly died in February of this year at the age of 54 years.

Ксения Алферова болезненно восприняла ситуацию с программой «Жди меня»“I hurt for those people in my life which nothing extraordinary happens, their life will turn 180 degrees, they can’t hug their daughters, sons, brothers, fathers and mothers! Sad for the amazing team of people who many years ago under the leadership of the last romantic of our time Kushnarev Sergey Anatolyevich created this unique system for finding people, has created this bright, talented, such a real program. And continued his work after his sudden leaving. It’s not just a TV program, it is a phenomenon, it’s true, that’s life!” – said Xenia.

Alferov is outraged that the future of the program “Wait for me” is not defined. Nevertheless, she hopes that the program will continue to broadcast.

“No matter who it is, it is important that she lived to make people believe, waited and found each other! My head can not understand how it was possible to take on such a responsibility and to stop this. A kind of savagery, in my opinion. But let’s hope for a miracle, common sense, God! We believe that this program will continue life, no matter what channel, and we will see tears of joy and happy smiles on the faces of the heroes that have found their relatives, dear friends!” – said the leader.