Ксения Алферова: «Мама довела меня до слез» The actress was the guest of the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova. Ksenia told leading that didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of famous mom Irina Alferova. Also the daughter of one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema does not want her daughter chose the profession of the actress.

Ksenia Alferova is trying not to advertise personal life. The actress happily married to Egor Bereavem. The star couple has a daughter Eudoxia, wife also actively engaged in charity. The artists here for a very long time to help children with special needs.

Xenia admitted in the program “My hero”, which was not originally planned to be an actress. Public profession famous mother Irina Alferova was annoying young star. And his debut on the set of little Xenia has failed miserably.

“Apparently, I actually had nowhere to go. So mom took me to the shooting. The frame needed a girl. Shot in a glass door, someone stood and watched, I was terribly shy… And with their parents to play is worse than ever. On the first filming, my mother was brought to tears,” Xenia admitted.-

The actress noted that she was more interested in backstage theater. “That’s what I liked very much. To be in the frame, but behind the scenes, to wander in the corridors among the scenery. In the movie there was the endless attention: you makeup curls twisting, costume dress wears… I hated it,” admitted Xenia.

Famous mother insisted that the daughter chose the profession of the actress. So after school she enrolled at the Academy of law. During her studies she has decided not to leave the craft of acting. She came up with for a hobby on the weekend.

“I auditioned for different projects. I was free, studied to be a lawyer! And without the excitement passed all stages of selection. Not a single actor was able to do so,” – said Alferov. After all the auditions, it easily claimed the role, and then the girl refused to withdraw, citing his studies at the Academy. Xenia successfully graduated. a year spent in one of the largest foreign companies. Married to Egor Beroev and again tried his hand in the acting field. At the second attempt she made it.

“I kid… Really didn’t want to grow up. After school, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to become an actress. She still didn’t understand what I do,” said Xenia.

In the end, Alferova was able to successfully complete the school-Studio of MKHAT. Her teacher Yevgeny Kamenkovich told me that she was one of the most talented students.

About daughter Eudoxia Ksenia told a little. According to her, 11-year-old heiress reads a lot, enjoys the Humanities. The famous mother with pleasure examines a girl storyline works and actions of the main characters of the books.