Ксения Алферова завела интересное знакомство в Италии.
The actress got to visit an amazingly hospitable family.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: facebook

While traveling in Europe, where Ksenia Alferova
went with husband Egor Beroeva, she was in an amazing location.
“We found on the Internet a tiny hotel near Naples to spend the night, says
actress. In the end I met this awesome family. The owners of the hotel — indigenous
Neapolitans. They have provided all of the garden adjacent to the hotel,
our disposal. Fed a delicious dinner, didn’t want to let us go.
I believe that we, Russian, very similar to the southern Italian, the same open,
sincere and generous! I fully agree with them!”

Xenia admits that
just for a day new Italian friends became her friends,
she felt at home, in the family.

“I remember yesterday
Neapolitan family, and the heart is filled with warmth and joy, says
Alferov. — The journey has supplied us with tomatoes that require a separate
odes, freshly baked bread with a crispy crust, fresh homemade mozzarella
and a bottle of wine! What else is necessary for happiness?! The beds with tomatoes is
huge space, neat green bushes with a sturdy, ruddy,
fragrant beauties.
They are so delicious nest on the branch, what forces to resist not to taste
several handsome no. Vkusnota incredible! Immediately,
summer in the village of Baba Luda, daddy’s mom, pulled out of the ground crisp