Ksenia Alferova invited Egor Beroev on a date

Ксения Алферова пригласила Егора Бероева на свидание
Actress arranges literary gatherings with tea and buns.

Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Andrew Airstream

The unusual format of recitals came up with Ksenia Alferova. Once a month she does on the stage of literary Masterclass
PM, where spectators drink tea from a samovar and treat them with jam and cakes.
Tonight Ksenia is waiting for a date with his
husband. Egor Beroev promised his beloved to read Brodsky and Mayakovsky.

A curious detail: in social networks the details of this
the evening will be almost impossible, because before the makeshift
gatherings Alferova asks to turn off all the fancy gadgets that collects in
special basket.

To visit the mistress ‘ lounge invites those closest to you. First
to chat to Xenia in March came her mother. Irina Alferova read aloud
your favorite works of Nabokov and a Comment, and also for the first time — excerpts from
his personal diary.

Ksenia Alferova and Yegor Beroev, by the way, have vast experience in
the organization of unusual holidays. Charity Fund “I am!”, who founded
the star couple, helps children suffering from autism, cerebral palsy and down syndrome. Each
the event, which Egor and Kseniya come up with for his players, like

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