Ксения Алферова рассказала о большом подарке отца
Alexander Abdulov did not admit of half measures.

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Alferova was not a native daughter of Alexander Abdulov, but she calls him dad. The actor raised her from 5 years of age. Moreover, Abdulov officially adopted Xenia when he married Irina Alferova, so she has every right to call Alexander Gavriilovich father.

The stars of the Soviet screen was birthday. Abdulov would have turned 65 years old. On this day many of his friends reminisced and shared with the audience stories about him. Ksenia Alferova, for example, told the story of what gifts did her dad.

“Dad — very large, unique person who loved the whole country, every one of which it seems that he is his close friend — says the actress. — He was a great soul, he was all sparkling. About it’s hard to tell… If, for example, to ask him to buy potatoes, we brought home a huge bag. I’ve loved the corn sticks. She asked me one day: “Daddy, buy me some Cheetos!” You’ll never guess how much he bought them! It was a few boxes from floor to ceiling with packs of these sticks. How could it be otherwise? Daughter asked for a treat! If the doll, bought the biggest doll. If the trip, this was the furthest, most fun, most unusual journey. Because he’s a storyteller, fibber, some sort of impossible man, who in one life has lived ten, twenty, thirty lives!”

In addition, Xenia recommended to anyone who longs for Alexander Gavriilovich to review the film “the Inventor”. It is about the actor told the people who were truly close with him. Alferov and she often watches this movie, because still can not come to terms with the death of the Pope. “Miss him very much! Still aching!” — shares experiences actress.

By the way, in the comments, the fans asked Alferova: does it maintain contact with the widow of Alexander Gavriilovich — Julia and his daughter, Eugenia? Members suggested that the 11-year-old daughter Abdulov may not know that she has a sister. “She knows. But we don’t communicate” said dryly, Xenia. On further questioning about the reasons for the lack of understanding Alferov’s reply no longer wanted.