Ксения Алферова пострадала на отдыхе в Италии
With a well-known actress has been in an accident.

Ксения Алферова пострадала на отдыхе в Италии

Ksenia Alferova

An unpleasant story happened with Ksenia Alferova, resting now on
Sicily. In Italy, where she traditionally spends holiday together with husband Egor
Bereavem, the actress was found with his longtime friend by the name of Gasper. During their walk through the marvelous gardens of local

“We have known for 13 years! The Gasper knows how much he
is the guardian of the Sicilian forests, working in special service for their protection and
preservation, also he is a real peasant, olives, plums, apricots, peaches,
flowers, watermelons and more grows himself, working under the scorching sun on
brown, rocky Sicilian land, enthused friend Xenia. — He
builds houses. Works all the time and very much! And most importantly — he loves his
land, their homeland. Know the history of Sicily is better than any Professor, to listen to him
history can be infinite! And what he is a husband, father and son… the Real from the brain to the
bones. A man with a very big letter H! So, we had a guest, walk on
the fields and gardens, eating from tree harvest.”

Eat harvest from the branches, as it turned out, wanted to not only

“I walked, walked through the garden the Gasper, feasting on the harvest, and
suddenly accidentally disturbed a bee and got a stinger in the leg!” — told

Egor Beroev, who was nearby, told
the actress in a safe place and began to rescue his beloved wife. “Sit, suffer, but it’s not
important — bitten Alferov conducted “live” in Instagram directly from the scene. — It is important
the fact that my husband knows a great recipe: how to make so that after the bite the leg
not greatly swollen, and importantly, the pain is gone! Share. It’s simple: take
sugar, moisten it with water and apply to the bite. Sit as possible
longer and lo and behold, the pain goes away. That’s what my husband is a magician!”

Ksenia Alferova