Ksenia Alferova has shared details exotic travel

Ксения Алферова поделилась подробностями экзотического путешествия
The actress told about the meeting with the Ethiopian warrior, armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Alferova has shared details unusual
journey, posting a photo where posing together with the African warrior
tribe. “Found a photo album from our trip in Ethiopia! —
says the actress. Unforgettable was the trip. Traveled all over the country, visited in
all tribes! A bunch of primitive friends! By the way, incredibly wise,
thin and delicate people! We had respect and confidence. Next to me
the main warrior of the Mursi tribe! He is there second leader! On the shoulder I
his Kalashnikov! It’s not even trust, and superpuper trust.”

Love to travel not a secret. Alferova not
just loves to fly to different parts of the globe, but loves to share
details of their trips. So this year the fans of Xenia and her husband
Yegor Beroev enjoyed reading and watching videos, discussing details of the joint
journey stars in England. Publications was so much that many fans admitted
they have a feeling as if they had been in “Foggy Albion”
and saw the main sights of great Britain.