Ksenia Alferova has shared a family tradition

Ксения Алферова поделилась семейной традицией
The actress spoke about the customs of their ancestors.

Ксения Алферова поделилась семейной традицией

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Alferova told of an interesting family tradition, which she admires since childhood.

“I’m half Bulgarian, when I was little, our friends
always to March 1, sent us martenitsi, — says the actress. — Martenitsa —
it is a symbol of the coming of spring in Bulgaria. They were either like the photo or
my favorite: the male and female figure from threads! I proudly wore them on his chest,
not really knowing what it is, but still happy and warm inside there. Folk
the belief goes that Grandma March (the so-called March of the Bulgarians), the first of March
comes to people dressed in a red sundress, with a red handkerchief on the head, and
she is shod in red wool socks. So martenitsa is like a greeting
spring awakening to a new sun and a resurgent new life in nature. All
give each other martenitsi, wishing happiness, joy and health!”

The star congratulated the fans on the first day of spring, and wished
them warmth and joy. By the way, despite the fact that Ksenia was genuinely happy
the arrival of spring, she loves the winter. For example, this frosty winter Alferov
finally finally able to show my daughter Eudoxia real winter
a miracle: a ten-year girl never in my life seen frost patterns on
glasses. All because of a very warm winter that reigned in the capital
the region for the past twelve years.

Photo: Instagram