Ksenia Alferova has lost a loved one

Ксения Алферова потеряла близкого человека The actress told fans the tragic news. The star died, the grandmother, the mother of Alexander Abdulov. According to Alferova, they were very close with Lyudmila Alexandrovna. Subscribers get her condolences.

TV presenter and actress Ksenia Alferova announced to subscribers of the sad news. The star grandmother died. Alferov was very close with an elderly woman. In the microblog actress often appeared pictures together with the mother of her father.

“Yesterday I buried the mother of my dad, Baba Luda, Lyudmila Alexandrovna! The incredible power of the spirit was a woman! Remember when summer first came to Baba in the village and saw a huge Russian stove in the house, he began to pester her to make me a bun for sure! At first the woman tried to explain that it is impossible to fail to make it round, and didn’t know how. I forgot about the request after a time, and she still went and came up with the dough! Then susekam scratched and done! And not one, but many! The taste of these buns still remember and do not eat!” – says Alferov.

Actress with respect to the relative and said that a lot had taught her. According to Alferova, Ludmila spent a lot of time with her granddaughter when she was little.

“And in Sokolniki went to ski! Rather, it’s me on skis (these were little plastic boots were worn), and my grandmother ran side! Or the bottom of the hill was, I certainly higher I wanted to go, she was afraid for me but didn’t say anything, after all three sons were brought up! And after came into dumplings, with the cold plate such strange colors and shapes of dumplings, with sour cream, standing at the round table! Stood, talked, ate dumplings! Happiness!” – says Alferov.

Lyudmila Alexandrovna was over 90 years old. She survived her husband and son. In the video shared by Alferov, the elderly woman claims she don’t feel the age. “A lot of the share of women fell out! All with great dignity passed, coped with everything! This earthly journey was heavy!! And Papa Baba loved! All to do it!” – signed movie Xenia.

Many followers of the actress bringing her condolences. “I’m sorry”, “the Kingdom of heaven Granny! And health still with us today!”, “Let him rest in peace”, “Bright memory”, – such comments were left by users on the Network.