Ксения Алферова нашла способ борьбы с московскими пробками
The star decided to abandon the car.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Alferova has found a way of struggle against the Moscow stoppers
which have increased due to the massive repair of roads in the capital. The actress decided
to move around the city on trendy folding bike.

“All of Moscow dug — shared the actress. — How can
to catch five or even more different meetings scattered throughout the Moscow?! Saved
stunning gift for my birthday: a bike that folds up
fits in any trunk, and weighs almost nothing. Backpack, scarf
the color is great, harmonize and go! Can’t say that the pedestrians were
pretty happy with my appearance on the sidewalk, bike path, they are also not
thought I was, but honestly parted in front of me. Today I came to the conclusion: д0аже
if you’re tired, the mood is not very good, and not all of it, get on your bike and
everything will change soon! Rule the boulevards and the wind in your face, smile on the face and
understand that life is beautiful, and everything that should happen happens, and
the rest is not important, failure is nonsense, pedal to twist yourself, go ahead and
smile! So now I’m in the warm season the only way in Moscow
move will be.”

By the way, in summer, many celebrities prefer to move
from behind the wheel of the car is more agile and mobile transport. Lead,
of course, mopeds and motorcycles followed by scooters and gyrometer, respectively
among the leaders of bikes.

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