Ксения Алферова нашла уникальные грибы
Rare delicacies in appearance resemble toadstools.

Ксения Алферова нашла уникальные грибы

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Today Ksenia Alferova
went for a walk in the woods. “Magic morning! — shared
actress. Walking in the forest, and pot-bellied
mushrooms and getting under his feet. And I don’t want a gathering, you can not deny the burly
in their persistent desire to join me in the basket and become our lunch!”

Collecting forest products, Ksenia found unusual
mushrooms-delicacies, looks very similar to the ordinary toadstools, or rather, armored
Amanita. However, posting on the personal page in a social network photo
questionable findings, the actress immediately clarified the situation.

“You think I’m crazy? —
the actress laughs. — Decided to eat the giant toadstools and the other world
to go? No, my friends, is edible mushrooms! This umbrellas. Impossible delicious
and hearty as meat. Delicacy, by the way. I know nothing about mushrooms,
but Egor Beroev — the super-special in this difficult matter! He me with them already
many years feeding! From what I am, occasionally, a fun and cheerful!”

Husband of Xenia Egor Beroev do
long enjoys a quiet hunting and finds mushrooms in any time of the year, even in winter.
So one day in February, he told how found a rare species of winter mushroom, delicious
and useful.

Photo: Instagram

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