Ксения Алферова перестала соблюдать диеты
The actress relaxed on vacation.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

While on vacation in Sicily, where Xenia Alferova and her husband Yegor Beroev a private house on the coast, the actress admitted,
that absolutely can not stick to there traditional diet.

The particular tenderness from the actress
cause of Italian cheeses. “What kind of diet can be when you’re in Italy?! —
surprised the star. — A variety of cheeses amaze: spicy,
salty, spicy, soft, hard, melt in your mouth, causing gastronomy
delight and pleasure. And fragrant, fresh wine from sun-drenched grapes.
For this reason I have a solid oohs and aahs, and on the face of the wandering happy smile.

However, small breaks in the diet is unlikely to affect nice shape of a star. The actress is in amazing physical shape and proudly posing on the Sicilian beaches in a bikini. All this is the result of regular training Xenia.

The star has repeatedly said that not one day
imagine without exercise. Alferov often takes part in
marathons, which easily overcomes a distance of ten kilometers. The result
as stated on the face.

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