Ksenia Alferova compare sellers store concentration camp prisoners

Ксения Алферова сравнила продавцов магазина с узниками концлагеря
The actress is not a joke angry at the management of the company’s outlets.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Xenia Alferov resented the way refers to
own employees the management of one company. Going for gifts
in one popular shop, the actress was seen on the cheeks consultants mysterious figure “16”.
The answer to the question, what it means, so shocked the star that she decided
to comment on the incident on the page in a social network.

“In pursuit of profit, the world is rapidly going mad! —
Ksenia says. — People, stop! After all, you are the same person! Accidentally went in the toilet
store! I was helped by a beautiful, intelligent woman, professional
business. I was surprised that on his right cheek she sported a huge figure 16,
written in blue pen! I asked what that means. And here it all
somehow cringed, dropped his eyes and, barely holding back tears, said softly,
what do those numbers mean the end time of the action! I was stunned! Could not believe my
ears! Asked! Looked around and was stunned! All the sellers went to the store with
the digits on the face! Think about it! The company’s management makes its
employees every day to write on the face of the numbers! My question is, why not on your forehead
a nice woman responded that they still have, Thank God, did not happen! What is that
the horror, to condemn their employees? The only Association that arise
me — camp or Pets! Guide you mind?! You
understand that this is humiliating?! Who gave you the right to humiliate, to offend
staff people? Every day you write on the face of these figures and go so
in the office? And then hard to erase them with tears looking at myself in the mirror
cursing his job, the one who invented it, his helplessness,
insecurity? It can’t be, it should not be! When I said
that will definitely write about it, I was approached by a man (also an employee), and
the pleading in his eyes asked: “I beg you, be sure to write, not
forget it!”