Ksenia Alferova bathed in the sea completely naked

Ксения Алферова искупалась в море полностью обнаженной
The actress said, who was in a past life.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Ksenia Alferova knew what was in a past life.
This revelation called for the actress after she went to relax on
the Mediterranean coast in Italy. Philosophical speculation actress “flavored” spicy photo shoot, where she poses completely naked.

“If I believed in reincarnation, I would
in a past life was some kind of Dolphin! — says the star. — Water — my
element! And the sea is my passion, love! Love it anyone! Greet him first
in the early morning when the sun just got up! The sea in the morning tender, fragrant, delicate.
Caress you, happily accepting in his arms, giving you his strength, energy,
peace, wisdom! By evening, after talking with lots of people, the sea
looks tired, a bit tortured and battered, and when everybody leaves,
the sun sets, the sea like a sigh of relief, smoother, soothed,
and then I softly once again immersed in his embrace, dissolve into his infinity,
lie on the back and it gently lulls me, wishing good night! I love life!”

This summer Ksenia managed to travel
almost all of Europe. She began her vacation, which came in mid-June, with
a visit to Finland, then went to Denmark and then to Holland. In Amsterdam
Alferov was vacationing together with her husband Yegor Bereavem. In Italy, she also
went with her beloved husband and family to travel by car.