Krygina-style: makeup trends of the summer from the popular blogger

Крыгина-style: тренды летнего макияжа от популярного блогера Renowned makeup artist gave tips to readers of “StarHit”. Choosing cosmetics for the summer, it is important to consider the texture and density of the coating. According to Elena, the main helpers of the girls will be bronzer, illuminizer and three accessories.
Крыгина-style: тренды летнего макияжа от популярного блогера

“Instagram” is known videoblogger and author of “Makeup” Elena Krygina followed more than 600 thousand subscribers. The girl from Surgut is famous for its lessons on make-AAP in the whole of Russia, and in her Studio recorded almost a month in advance. In his work the artist has gathered basic guidelines that will help each woman to fix the exterior flaws, using cosmetic products.

In summer, many girls want to give the skin a healthy and refreshed look, and the eyes brightness. “StarHit” talked with Elena Krygina and found out what means you should pay attention this season.


Крыгина-style: тренды летнего макияжа от популярного блогера

According to Elena Krygina, progress has stepped so that the majority of cosmetic manufacturers began to produce seasonal means. In particular, texture creams in the summer much easier. Moreover, you should pay attention to illuminiser – funds that will provide the face a healthy glow. “StarHit” learned how not to dirty clothes boyfriend, but at the same time become the owner of a healthy complexion, as if you slept 10 hours.

“Sometimes it is important not only as makeup, but also the quantity, because even makeup that needs to “freeze” on the face if they applied a very fat layer is still imprinted on clothes. If you lightly touch while embracing the clothes of the young man’s cheek, no traces must be left behind. In General, the modern tone means, if it says long-lasting or waterproof, suggests that they are quite persistent, and if they are on top of transparent powder powder, which creates an invisible barrier, no marks on clothes should not stay,” says the makeup artist.


Крыгина-style: тренды летнего макияжа от популярного блогера

The fashion weeks make up artists have created certain trends in makeup, which caught the fancy of connoisseurs of beauty beauty experiments. According to Elena, glitter in makeup – a winning solution for any girl.

“This season there is a tendency for the radiant bronze the skin (tanning effect or even slightly burnt in the sun of the skin), the shade with a cold metallic sheen, warm carrot shades of lipsticks,” advises Krygina.

However, the erroneous motion of the hand, you can overdo it with glitter and be similar to the shimmering ball with Christmas tree. Military and illuminizer should only be applied on most exposed areas: cheekbones, bridge of the nose, a tick above the lip and on the inner corners of the eyes. Bronzer is applied around the perimeter face of broad movements.

“If you want to highlight cheekbones, blooming fresh appearance might not happen. The only shade that can help in this situation is tsiklamenovy, bright pink, because it’s quite harmoniously combine cool and warm pigments. The first will highlight the sculpture of the face and not to increase the volume, and the second will give a blooming fresh look. It is important, in this case, apply blush diagonally, emphasizing the cheekbones,” notes Krygina.


Крыгина-style: тренды летнего макияжа от популярного блогера

Many ladies can’t get past the stands with the lipsticks in beauty shops. However, not everyone knows that the advertised shades will look different on every girl.

“The lipstick you need to properly fit in your image. As for the classic red (cool shade with a blue undertone), it fits all. If we talk about coral red, it is better not to combine it with the cool colors in clothing. You can use a base under lipstick, but I don’t suggest. Lip liner, of course, allows you to change the shape of the lips and visually enlarge them. The only young girls he adds age, and adults, conversely, can give a freshness and even some infantile face. Therefore, lip pencil miraculously calls all at the age of. The man looks at 30-35 years,” recommends Elena.


Some girls try to stand out even in formal conditions. Women buy different shades of ink for eyes, in order to diversify office routine. According to Elena, if the dress code allows experiments, it is necessary to try to combine bright colors in makeup.

“If you work in a school teacher, bright makeup will get you banned. If you work in a design Studio, and coloured ink can be used without problems. From purple and Burgundy eyes do not become tired, they will look tired if they are really tired. So they will be with black ink, and purple. To cope with this problem, I recommend to use whitening eye drops to hide the inflamed capillaries and redness of the mucosa, which give pain to view,” explained Elena.