Кристовский объяснил, почему ушел из семьи к Земцовой It became known yesterday that the lead singer of the band Uma2rman married the actress from the TV series “the Eighties”. They were United in Holy matrimony on June 13, and then threw a feast for friends in Marbella.

      Кристовский объяснил, почему ушел из семьи к Земцовой

      Member of the band Uma2rman Sergey Kristovskiy and star of the TV series “the Eighties” Natalia Zemtsov got married last week. The celebration took place in a narrow circle of friends in Marbella. The couple recalled how he met and why he decided to formalize the relationship. For Zemtsova Kristovskiy was forced to leave his wife and children.

      A few years ago, Natalia and Sergey met at a concert Uma2Rman in Minsk. A few hours the musician and the actress spoke alone with each other, and then departed. The second time they met at the event in Moscow and since then never parted.

      Sergei was given the difficult decision to leave wife and four children, but he could not without Natalia. Zemtsova was not expecting the bass player decides to divorce.

      “I never thought I would be able to leave the family. Apparently this threw me off. I don’t understand what is happening, how is that even possible. I just never in such a situation did not fall. I Natasha could not, and could not get away from the kids, from my family, so back and forth. This is a very difficult situation. The situation when any decision seems to be a disaster. But then I realized that I am in the family life don’t give it, and then everything collapses. I couldn’t stay because I was in such a terrible state… At Some point I decided that if you don’t leave, you’ll ruin everything and there, and then,” admitted Sergei.

      Despite a bad breakup with his first wife, Kristovskiy left no children. He spends a lot of time with them. Natalia wonders how Sergei it turns out so easy to get along with the heirs. Kristovskiy manages to educate and youngest son of Ivan, which Natalia gave birth to a musician in 2014.

      “We’re a big guy, he’s desperate hockey. He knocks the puck, then starts hitting on us. We’ve always on the lookout, because he with emotion so expressing emotions”, – said in an interview with “OK!” the musician.

      At the moment Sergey and Natalia are waiting when they will be given the keys to the new building, where they bought an apartment. Broke up with a previous wife, Kristovskiy left the entire estate to her. The design of the future family nest deals Natalia, she’s already decided how it will look in their bedroom and children Ivan.

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