Kristina Si пытается не обращать внимания на критику
In 2013, everyone knew the singer Kristina Si, after the release of her new songs “Oh yeah”.

Kristina Si пытается не обращать внимания на критику

Young people immediately fell in love with the look of the execution of the singer, who is bold and bright. Later she sang along with Timothy the song “Look”, and the number of fans has increased several fold.

Reporters recently interviewed a 26-year-old singer and asked to comment on how the impact on her reputation.

“Still yourself raising the ability not to take into account any nasty comments to me they did not touch. I understand that it is impossible to be all good, beautiful, and talented. They don’t owe me, I don’t have them. However, sometimes my some inner demons start to Wake up when they see something unpleasant. Of course, do not always have time to read everything that appears in my account, but when I have time, of course, looking. There are people whose comments fall into my soul, and I celebrate them. Here somehow so it turns out”. – the girl answered the question of how it relates to the criticism.

Of course in show business, it often happens that you listen to millions today, and tomorrow all about you I forgot, and already nobody remembers.

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