Kristina Orbakaite was supported by Olga Buzova

Кристина Орбакайте поддержала Ольгу Бузову
Recently, the television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova is the main topic of conversation on the Internet.

Кристина Орбакайте поддержала Ольгу Бузову

Even the stars of domestic show-business has divided into two camps. Some Buzova pounce on with criticism, and someone on the contrary supports.

This time Kristina Orbakaite decided to Express their opinion about Olga and her work.

Кристина Орбакайте поддержала Ольгу Бузову

“Buzova, of course, you have a sore subject… Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, and when a person has a boost of energy, desire and spark, then why not? Me too, when I got there, nobody believed. All I was received with hostility. I understand perfectly. On taste and color, you know, especially in the issue of artist… someone Who loves classics, someone R’n’b, some rock. So it is very good that there is such a character, the man and the artist, which has its followers and adherents,” replied Christine.

Many haunted downloads Buzova, who for a short time was able to win the love of fans with his songs.

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