Kristina Orbakaite trying to breed with her husband

Кристину Орбакайте пытаются развести с мужем
The singer gave a Frank interview about his personal life.

Kristina Orbakaite with her husband


Kristina Orbakaite since birth was at the center of public attention. It would seem that to 46 years, Christine could get used to the fact that spiteful critics talking about her family different stories. However, the artist still sensitive about appearing gossip about her life, although it notes that recently became considerably less.

Christina recently admitted that there were rumors about her divorce with Michael Zemtsov. For unknown reasons, critics often “trying to separate her from her husband”, but, as you can see, it’s not coming out. Orbakaite been 12 years happy with her husband and not even think about leaving the family.

In interview to the program “reach the stars” Christina remembered another, less popular rumor, which, by the way, once severely hurt her. Gossips claimed that the artist is not home mom my middle son Denis. Allegedly, she didn’t give birth to him myself, and stole from other mothers. Soon after the arrival of Denis, a woman said that Christina stole her baby.

“I bred all the time with my husband… Trying. I remember I was very hurt one rumour that appeared after the birth of Denis. Any abnormal wrote: “This is my child! She did not give birth! She switched!” I was so nervous. I was very upset like a woman. Said: “How so?” The very first hearing in my life was that my mom ran me over in the garage on the car!” — shared Christina.