Кристина Орбакайте забрала работу у Чулпан Хаматовой The news of the appointment of the singer became a sensation for the cultural world. Kristina Orbakaite returns to the stage after a long break. The artist adopted the role in the play “Contemporary” instead of Chulpan Khamatova.
Кристина Орбакайте забрала работу у Чулпан Хаматовой

Chulpan Khamatova made a temporary break in the work in the theater “Contemporary”. “The reasons will not sound, as they concern, first, my questions to itself, to its many years of existence in the profession,” the actress said in its appeal. It was reported that the star left the role in the acclaimed play “Two for the seesaw”. However, recently it became known that Khamatova found a replacement in this setting. Partner Kirill Safonov was singer Kristina Orbakaite.

Role in production, which in the 70s was performed by Tatiana Lavrov was not a debut for the stars. Christina played in the play “mistress into maid”, in the entreprise on the play by William Gibson’s “Monday after the miracle” and “Danae”, together with Anna Terekhova. Journalists contacted Orbakaite. The proposal of the artistic Director of “Sovremennik” Galina Volchek came as a surprise to celebrity.

“It was like a bolt from the blue, because I expect, but this – no. I had three performances, and successful enough interesting roles, images, but it was 15 years ago, and I already thought that the theatre broke up. More focused on the movie,” shared the actress.
Кристина Орбакайте забрала работу у Чулпан Хаматовой

At the time, Christine became difficult to combine work in the theatre and pop career. In addition, the participation of the singer in performances knocked some of her fans confused. When the artist came to another city with the production, there were some who thought that she was going to perform a concert. Therefore, Orbakaite has decided to suspend such activity until until I get an interesting offer. It just happened.

About a year ago Orbakaite watched “Two for the seesaw” in “contemporary” with a friend. The singer has long dreamed of to appreciate the performance, but couldn’t find the time. In March, the singer phoned the artistic Director of theatre of Galina Volchek. By a strange coincidence, Christine was free, so went in the spring to tour.

“I thought if you refuse, then you can afford not to forgive. On the other hand, have always understood what a risky move I make, and a lot of people around that I very often remind you (family, friends, colleagues),” – said the singer told reporters.

At first Christine was very difficult. She has memorized large amounts of text and get used to the partner Kirill Safonov. According to the star, he, too, had a hard time. “He played several years with Chulpan, and we’re very different,” shared Orbakaite “Moscow Komsomolets”. Now Cyril and Cristina’s work and help each other.

Meanwhile, Chulpan Khamatova, is actively preparing for the premiere of Yevgeny Kulagin “Two rooms”, which will be held on may 17 on the stage of “Gogol-center”. The play is also busy Inga obadina.