Kristina Orbakaite stood up for humiliated son

Кристина Орбакайте заступилась за униженного сына
The singer met the rude remarks of Nikita.

Kristina Orbakaite with her son Nikita

Photo: Social networks

Kristina Orbakaite long been in demand as a singer and successful career, her name on the poster guarantees a full house. And many years ago, at the dawn of her career, it was much more difficult. Christina was just a “daughter of Alla Pugacheva”. She had to put a lot of effort to convince others of the existence of self.

Now the same path is the son of Christine Nikita. He is the frontman of the band the Multiverse, serving the genre of alternative music. And mom, he still had to work hard to succeed. He categorically does not want to be called “the grandson of Alla Pugacheva”, or “the son of Christina Orbakaite”. His attempts to pull away from a famous family often end up criticizing users of social networks. Most haters are limited to ridicule, and sometimes abuse, less humiliating utterances, which can any be unsettling.

“It was hard for me when I was treated just like a daughter Pugacheva and Nikita already doubly harder. Whole life and he and I prove that introducing something of themselves without high-profile names, family ties. When I started way on to the stage, there were no social networks, and there were only Newspapers, magazines and broadcasts, so journalists criticism we quite easily endured, no one was humiliated and destroyed. Today things have changed, and the artist down on the flow of negative comments by haters. But there is a plus – word of mouth can always be justified,” says Christine.

Nikita is often harsh in his statements, but Orbakaite it supports. This style of behavior is the only defense from the detractors. “This all somehow wonder if the artists of their well-wishers meet somehow aggressive. Of course, I do not like when about me write some fiction, all the time have something to defend”, — quotes Orbakaite Curiously, in fact, criticized in social networks have not only Kristina and Nikita, but any other more or less popular user of social networks.