Кристина Орбакайте сообщила о состоянии здоровья Аллы Пугачевой The singer told about the health of the mother. Throughout the month there are rumors that Alla Pugacheva has made the surgical reduction of the stomach, and therefore became so drastically to lose weight. Kristina Orbakaite shed light on this story.
Кристина Орбакайте сообщила о состоянии здоровья Аллы Пугачевой

The last time fans do not get tired to admire the shapeliness of Alla Pugacheva. They are amazed at how the prima Donna got rid of the excess weight and keeps himself in good shape. Now the artist can afford trendy outfits that perfectly highlight her figure. However, in late January, the nutritionist said on the air one of the programs that she knows the secret slimming Pugacheva. According to her, the singer did a gastric resection and now she will have to constantly monitor your health.

However, neither Pugachev nor her husband Maxim Galkin did not respond to such a statement. The whole story has shed light daughter Diva Christina Aguilera. She stated that Alla didn’t do any surgery.

“Mom’s doing fine. We just recently worked together on the house weekend”, – said the artist.

In the summer of Maxim Galkin took the photo from the beach of Jurmala. While his wife took the sun in black bathing suit strapless, he decided to capture it and show the fans. However, the Diva saw the publication of her husband and even left a comment. “Don’t do that! For the first time forgive, the second will receive the full program. Thank you, that is not “white sneakers,” wrote Alla. Photo of Alla Pugacheva in her swimsuit blew Network

In conversation with the correspondent of the publication “the Source” Orbakaite did not disclose the secret of get rid of excess weight Pugacheva. A nutritionist who is confident in the operation, said that the Diva abruptly lost. She’s worried about her condition, as it can dramatically affect its health. Apparently, the health of the singer is really out of danger, but because she is now ready for the traditional holiday associated with the beginning of spring.

“We used to go to Moscow: to all passers-by were given yellow flowers. And then settled in some cozy place. Now everything has changed. Now for us every time a surprise where we’re going to celebrate. Sometimes celebrated in the house, sometimes in the restaurant. The tone set just the day before the date. While us mom’s did on this occasion did not. But I will say definitely to abandon its tradition of she will not” – said Christina Aguilera.