Кристина Орбакайте рассказала о конфликтах с дочерью The singer gave an interview about parenting and new work in theater “Contemporary”. Kristina Orbakaite shared how communication with the girl is different from raising sons. The star admitted that Claudia is not easy.
Кристина Орбакайте рассказала о конфликтах с дочерью

Kristina Orbakaite gave an interview to the journalist Natalia Sindeeva in the context of its author’s program on the channel “Rain”. The star was told about the work, their roles, and the upbringing of children. The singer does not regret that decided to focus on the singing and not at work in the movie or the theater.

Recently it became known about participation of Christine in a production of “the Contemporary” “Two for the seesaw”. Character actress played by Chulpan Khamatova and Tatyana Lavrova.

Кристина Орбакайте рассказала о конфликтах с дочерью“Chulpan lot of their ideas and projects, and Galina Borisovna [Volcheck] did not want to close the production. For me this sentence is like thunder from a clear sky”, – said the singer.
Кристина Орбакайте рассказала о конфликтах с дочерью

Without thinking, Orbakajte agreed to take part in the play. Fortunately, star had free time – before she canceled all tours for the spring. Christine did not hide the fact that she has a hard work during rehearsals. The artist assumes the roles of and stores large amounts of text. Your character Orbakaite calls “a sincere and anxious, but extremely good”. “Here is a guy that grew up” – summed up the celebrity.

The conversation went on, Aguilera. The singer is the mother of two sons and one daughter. Kristina admitted that Claudia is quite difficult.

“We have an ongoing dialogue. If Misha (Mikhail Zemtsov, the husband of the star. – Ed.) her quick hugs and kisses, and all conflict is settled, we have a long conversation and showdown. In everything from dresses and ending with lessons. Especially because she’s an Aries as a mother – said the star. – Mom calls her “drop”. She sees it himself. Sometimes the Clave is shy. Not that weird, but not all children. She must first scan the person get used to it and then say, “Hello.”

At such moments Orbakaite begins to abuse her daughter. “You’re rude? Aren’t you ashamed?” says the actress heiress. According to singer, from Claudia to all your approach to everything. “It is very difficult to rebuild,” added the singer. Orbakaite also spoke about the methods of child rearing. “Sometimes I close her in a room, it is there think. But then but like silk,” shared the star.

Natalya sindeyeva asked Christine about how to treat the sister of her sons. Orbakaite said that the eldest heir, Nikita is living separately with his wife and comes home raids.

“Claudia loves him, misses him. All the time remembers. Nikita comes, he begins to loudly play and sing, catches me in his plans and new projects. Claudia, of course, fanatically looking at him. And Danica more. Around him many children, and he is absolutely “moustached nurses”. It all hang children, and he can do with them, to play, to shop,” shared the celebrity.

In addition, Orbakaite told about the nature of sons. According to the singer, Nikita – “true seeker”, and Denis is diplomacy.