Кристина Орбакайте увлеклась экстремальным видом йоги
The singer spoke about her new sport.

Kristina Orbakaite

Photo: Instagram

Kristina Orbakaite sights on a new sports records. Perhaps, very few
pop stars can boast such a flawless figure at that age
. The singer this year was 47 years old, and
looks like the actress so that she can easily be the envy of 18-year-old. Stay slim
and toned the singer help a healthy nutrition and sports. In the Arsenal of Christina
cardiomax, Pilates, traditional fitness, yoga and more.

The singer loves to learn new types of physical
activity — recently, the star first tried the trendy sport of antigravity,
represents yoga in suspended “flying” the hammocks. “Antigravity
ventured for the first time, — said Cristina. Under the guidance of a professional
the coach wasn’t scary at all”.

This is not the only sport that he enjoys
artist. For example, last winter she had mastered an unusual way to travel
the mountain slope. Instead a breeze to roll down the mountain on skis, and
then take the lift, the singer is doing everything exactly the opposite! Artist
started fashionable in Europe sport — “snowshoeing”. Up
the slope, Kristina goes down on the lift. She even bought this
classes of special model of shoes — snow boots. Confidently stand on the slope of her
help ski poles. The adherents of the new-fangled Hobbies claim that
an hour of trekking on snowshoes a properly operating sticks work almost all
muscles and burned at least 400 calories. Besides, this kind of
sport is not traumatic and it is not affected joints. And
this is a great cardio workout. This payload includes Orbakaite
in all kinds of sports, dealt with.