Кристина Орбакайте пошла на компромисс ради дочки
The singer told about where and how to celebrate New year.

Christina Aguilera and Ivan Urgant

Photo: @Instagram orbakaite_k Ivan Urgant

Ahead of Kristina Orbakaite waiting is the hardest working week of the year. The singer planned a crazy work schedule consisting of appearances at corporate events. But after the New year, the artist will begin a well-deserved vacation, which she, of course, very excited.

Orbakaite said that usually prefers to break out to the sea. She loves to bask in the sun after a tiring tour. But her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and daughter Claudia more likes to ride on vacation skiing. The result of the Christmas holidays and his wife lived in different parts of the globe: Michael and Claudia in the snowy mountains, and Orbakaite under the palm trees.

Two years ago Christina and Michael have found a compromise and now rest together. About how managed to find mutual understanding in this matter Orbakaite told at the filming of the program “Relish”.

“Mike and Claudia love skiing, and I did not get to ride. I basically clumsy. Therefore, it often happens that I leave on the sea, and the husband goes somewhere in the mountains with the child. However, the last two years we have found a compromise, and I accompanied them. I loved the snowshoeing, so now get to relax together,” Orbakaite shared with Ivan Urgant.