Kristina Orbakaite complained about the conflicts with her daughter

Кристина Орбакайте пожаловалась на конфликты с дочкой
The singer said that she’s a difficult person.

Kristina Orbakaite with her daughter Claudia

Photo: @orbakaite_k Instagram Christina Aguilera

Kristina Orbakaite has extensive experience in the education of children: at the time of the birth of a daughter in 2012, she has managed to raise two sons — Denis and Nikita. Despite this, with Claudia she still often have difficulty. The actress says that my daughter is quite complex, therefore conflicts often occur in their home.

According to Aguilera, Claudia’s character is a copy of his grandmother. Alla Pugacheva, by the way, it has long been noted. Almost from birth she calls her granddaughter a “droplet”, as it is in all similar to her. My husband Aguilera — Mikhail Zemtsov, by the way, problems in communication with her daughter is not there, but Kristina herself can spend hours out with six-year-old Claudia relationship.

“It’s not a competition… Just Misha a quick call: he’ll hug, kiss and all — the conflict is settled. And it will be a long conversation. Sometimes to sort things out for dresses, lessons, or anything else. She’s Aries zodiac sign as my mother. As soon as Claudia was born, she called it “a drop”. Mom sees it himself. Daughter is a little shy or weird… or what? You know, sometimes you meet a child, ask him a question and he puts everything he thinks. So Claudius is not so! It is necessary to first scan and then she will say: “Hello!” I scolded her, saying: “are You rude? Aren’t you ashamed?” — said Cristina in an interview with Natalia Sindeeva for the TV channel “Rain”.