Kristina Orbakaite abandoned all efforts at treatment

Кристина Орбакайте бросила все силы на лечение
The singer could not cope with fighting her to the virus.

Kristina Orbakaite

Photo: @orbakaite_k Instagram Christina Aguilera

Kristina Orbakaite shared with fans details on their wellbeing. It turns out that the artist for three weeks struggling with felled her to the virus. Star worried that will not have time to improve their health before it will begin a tour of America.

Most of the inconveniences Christine gives a sore throat. Doctors advise actress to preserve my voice and undergo certain procedures on the treatment and recovery of the vocal cords. Now all forces are thrown Orbakaite to improve their health, because the concerts of Christina always take place with a live sound.

“A virus was caught. It’s been three weeks still can not get out! Try to take care of yourself, less singing, more rest. I hope my cough will pass soon…” — quoted Orbakaite

By the way, last week Christina was accused of that it copies Olga Buzova. The reason was the shooting of the new clip of Aguilera, where she appeared in similar manner, in which the star telestroke starred in the music video “Hit parade”. Although Christina probably hardly offended by the accusations of imitation, because it Buzova respects. Olga is fighting for their “place under the sun” as well as Christina fought in his youth. “Me, too, when I got there, so to speak, no one believed me… All received a hostile reception. So I understand very well!” said about Buzova Aguilera.