Kristina Asmus was convicted of erotic photos of the bathroom

Кристину Асмус осудили за эротические фото из ванной The actress has shared a provocative shots on which she is depicted Topless. Fans came to the conclusion that the pictures of Kristina Asmus appeared in a new way to show “text” in the theater named Yermolova.
Кристину Асмус осудили за эротические фото из ванной

30-year-old Christina Asmus is a busy actress. Star participates in several projects. In mid-may on the stage of the Yermolova theatre will host the premiere of “the Text” Maxim Didenko on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The focus of the writer a few days in the life of a student-philologist, who returned to Moscow after prison the Young man served seven years over throw the club banned substances.

Christine got one of the main roles. The actress said high-profile premiere in social networks. To attract the attention of followers, the celebrity has posted photos taken in the bathroom. Such imagery and opinion on the star expressed in hestego – “you’re the mother”, “I wonder what the Bulldog is thinking”, “got a haircut or something”, “I killed her”, “no matter how you try, and actress in one role”, “still waters run deep”, “vulgarity” and “is surprised by nothing”.

Кристину Асмус осудили за эротические фото из ванной

As expected, pictures of Asmus aroused heated discussion among Internet users. While some criticized the provocative shots and reminded her that she is the mother, while others admired the sense of humor of a star. Fans have supported and advised me not to pay attention to the comments on. “What third-person”, “You are beautiful”, “top Hashtags just”, “just pictures in bathroom”, “Silently envy”, is discussed in social networks.

In addition to Christina Asmus, are engaged in the performance Ilya Malanin, Egor Kharlamov, Philip Ershov, Sergey Madicken and other actors of the theater Yermolova. The author of the novel “Text” Dmitry Glukhovsky present at the rehearsals and, apparently, was satisfied. The writer invited the Director Maxim Didenko. “Looked at the effect of magic” – shared Glukhovsky impressions on Instagram.

By the way, some fans of Christina Asmus sure that she is expecting her second child. The reason for the emergence of rumors of a change in the style of the actress. Recently Christine prefers clothes with a boxy fit. Itself Asmus and her husband Garik Kharlamov has not commented on the speculation of the public.

Anyway, Christina feels fine and continues to work. May 21 will premiere a new project involving the stars of the series “Interns” – an interactive Thriller Asmodeus. Asmus was leading a promising show. According to the authors, each a new series of media personality to face their fears. In the intriguing teaser actress Sofia Sinitsyna appears completely naked. The actress of the TV series “the Spider” Sofia Sinitsyna completely stripped for a scary show