Кристина Асмус приняла участие в онлайн-шоу «18+»
The actress is preparing for an important premiere.

Photo: Instagram

At the end of may in Russia launch first interactive reality show called “Asmodeus”. The action takes place in an underground bunker in which they live, Adam (Sergey Epishev) and Eva (Kristina Asmus). The plot of this theatrical production, there is only a small piece — the stars descended there in the hope to save from catastrophe after the Earth’s collision with a comet. And all the heroes and their guests will be done in the frame, will decide the viewers. To view the performance and participate in his life, no need to go anywhere. Need only pay their bill online at the right time to be at the computer show will go live.

Each week the host of the show will come to different guests, which is subjected to different tests. The main goal is to learn all about their fears (phobias from the banal to death and sexual fantasies).

We already know that such will be the Maxim Vitorgan, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Nadezhda Sysoeva, Egor Koreshkov, Andrey Fomin, Yang GE, Sonia Lebedeva and others.

“We will interview each guest, — said Kristina Asmus in the air Russian radio. Be a lot of trolling, a lot of gesture and thrash. Uncensored and strictly “18+”. This is a provocative project at the intersection of theatre, cinema and reality shows that will go live”.

The Network has already appeared the promotional clips of the show, which themselves are striking in their frankness and lack of censorship. Asmus even published them in his personal blog, adding specially for the haters hashtags “tigmate and hateruma”, denoting that does not afraid of malicious comments, especially those in which someone will claim that a normal mother would not take part in such a show.