Kristina Asmus showed the tattoo on the thigh

Кристина Асмус показала татуировку на бедре
The actress once again to shock the audience.

Photo: Instagram

Kristina Asmus is not in any agrees to conform to the image of an exemplary wife and mother, which impose persistent fans. They resent after every provocative photo shoot, which involved Christine.

This time arrived frames photoset in which Christina posed Nude in a bathtub filled with milk. Earlier the girl showed a video how to create these photos. And now you can see one interesting detail, namely, a tattoo on her left thigh actress. Interestingly, the pattern in exactly the same position, which is Christine. However, in order to avoid unnecessary issues Asmus decided to just openly tell you everything I could ask subscribers about this picture, but at the same time and answered some of the most popular questions.

“These tattoos are temporary, she said. — Actually I don’t have any real tattoos. In the bathroom really poured the milk. I weigh 45 kg with height of 164 cm to Fatten me not! I have a real name and a birthmark on his face too. Upcoming movies in February. Daughter show is not going to — why do it? The second child will have, but later. How are we going to celebrate the New year, haven’t decided yet. Free sisters and friends, no!”

Members appreciated the responses Asmus and at this time, only admired in the comments of her beauty and sense of humor.