Kristina Asmus showed sister my copy

Кристина Асмус показала сестру — свою копию
The actress introduced her baby sister.

Photo: Instagram

Kristina Asmus was published in a personal blog a photo with her younger sister Karina. Girl 26 years old, she was younger than his famous sister by 4 years. And, most importantly, they like each other as twins. But Karina does a bright make-up like Christina.

Fans noticed that both sisters were very lucky with the genes. Even at my age they look younger at least 10 years. Eslite their features will continue to age, this will prevent their husbands from spending on expensive cosmetic procedures or even plastic surgery.

Fans are now doubly interesting, as still looks daughter Christine Asmus and Garik Kharlamov. She has inherited her mother’s beauty. The girl’s face only once “flashed” in the Network on one of the videos published by Cristina. But there is strictly nothing can be considered in detail.

Garik and Christina don’t plan on doing from daughter’s public persona. Only if she wants it when she grows up. And while she is only 3 years (a month and a half will be 4), and a stellar parents don’t want undue attention to the little girl.