Kristina Asmus shared the “bed” photo

Кристина Асмус поделилась "постельной" фотографией
Famous actress Christina Asmus can boast of a perfect figure, which never ceases to show on the candid photos.

Кристина Асмус поделилась "постельной" фотографией

Recently, the same in the microblog actress appeared photo in which she is depicted on the bed with stewed Bathrobe. Followers bombarded Christine with enthusiastic reviews.

Кристина Асмус поделилась "постельной" фотографией

“You are beautiful! Though the phrase is currently out, but words are hard”, “Cute”, “Very beautiful Christine”, “Lucky Kharlamov”, “Garik FOTA?”- wrote the Network users.

Recall that Asmus happily married with Garik Kharlamov, and they’re raising a charming daughter.

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