Kristina Asmus fueled pregnancy rumors

Кристина Асмус подогрела слухи о беременности
The actress said about leaving provocative project.

Kristina Asmus

Kristina Asmus made a formal statement that leaves a provocative project “Asmodeus”. “It was a tough decision (we are all made from scratch together). But in the continuation of the show “Asmodeus,” you’ll never see me again… It was a great experience and one of the best teams I’ve ever work,” shared via social media news Christine.

Reasons to leave the project, the actress can be weight: from filming in the feature film, ending a quarrel with someone from the leadership of “Asmodeus”. However, fans believe that the reason Cristina leaves that she is pregnant. Rumors on the anticipated future addition to the family the Asmus run in secular circles for more than a month. Christine does not directly disprove their environment, however, gives confirmation of this information.

Recall that in late may, Russia had launched the first interactive reality show called “Asmodeus”. The action takes place in an underground bunker in which they live, Adam (Sergey Epishev) and Eva (Kristina Asmus). The plot of this theatrical production, there is only a small piece — the stars descended there in the hope to save from catastrophe after the Earth’s collision with a comet. And all the heroes and their guests in the frame, is decided by the audience.

To view the performance and participate in his life, no need to go anywhere. Need only pay their bill online at the right time to be at the computer show goes live. Each week the host of the show different guests come, which is subjected to different tests. The main goal is to learn all about their fears (phobias from the banal to death and sexual fantasies).