Кристина Асмус забыла обо всем во время отдыха с семьей The actress spends time in Greece with her husband and daughter. Fans are happy for the star of the series “Interns” and wished her a great holiday. Kristina Asmus tries to be less distracted by social networks, and enjoy the company of those closest to you.

      Popular actress Christina Asmus with her husband, humorist Garik Kharlamov, as well as two-year-old daughter Anastasia went on vacation. Happy family this summer, chose the Sunny Greece. Christina enjoys a well-deserved vacation and spend time with your most loved ones in the European resort. The actress is so relaxed that he allowed himself to forget about gadgets and social networks.

      “I do not believe that we are here.” – written by Asmus and accompanied the publication with the hashtag “the only photos in three days” and the “turbulent year”.

      Photo published by Kristina Craig (@asmuskristina) Jul 19 2016 12:53 PDT

      Fans are happy for the star of the series “Interns” and wished her a great holiday. “Oh, great. A good holiday”, “More photos. I’d like to see the beautiful places”, “have done!” – wrote loyal fans of a celebrity.

      Despite the fact that many of the followers would like to enjoy Greece at least by the photos of Christina, the actress did not promise his fans a regular report. “While the phone is mostly kept in the nightstand,” – said Asmus in the comments to subscribers.

      Photo published by Kristina Craig (@asmuskristina) Jun 26 2016 at 1:40 PDT

      Throughout the year, Kristina Asmus had to face some health problems. While participating in the popular show of the First channel “Without insurance” the actress was seriously injured and had to go to the doctors. She did one trick and the result tore a ligament in his leg. Asmus in the past engaged in gymnastics, but this experience couldn’t save her from a bad landing. Despite a damaged knee, the artist decided to continue the performance, overcoming the strong pain that finally hurt myself. It turned out that the situation is too complex: it is affected the meniscus and the artist need surgery. At the rehearsal, Christine was forced to walk on crutches, and the participation in the show to forget.

      Christine winter due to sudden illness was unable to attend the premiere of the film “Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger,” where she played the role of the winner of the Olympic games Svetlana Khorkina. But premiere Asmus has not got – she was hospitalized in one of clinics of Moscow.

      “I just got sick and kept on working. We had to be careful. After the press conference, I was abruptly became bad, the temperature rose to 40 degrees, appeared a fever, nausea, vomiting. The husband called an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital,” he told fans of Christina.

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