Kristina Asmus declassified his lovely daughter

Кристина Асмус рассекретила свою милую дочку
The actress has shared some shots from the life of a three year old Anastasia.

Кристина Асмус рассекретила свою милую дочку

Kristina Asmus is among the stars who don’t want their publicity had spread to their personal life. The actress often takes on the camera of his daughter Anastasia, born in marriage with Garik Kharlamov, only these images remain in his own home. But Christine occasionally still indulges fans with photo or video materials with the participation of daughters.

Before Asmus has published just three clips with three-year-old Anastasia in the lead role. Christina took the girl touching the sleeping in the car, during swimming, and at home after a hard labour day. Fans called Anastasia charming and very similar to his famous dad.

A few days earlier, Christina has denied all the rumors about marital problems with Garik. Only the Network began to discuss the prospective divorce of star pair, as Asmus has published footage of a family idyll with Kharlamov. This heated discussion of the upcoming gap of the spouses ended.

Recall that in 2013, Christina and Garik were married. Six months after the celebration (January 2014) they had a daughter Anastasia. Couple for security purposes, fundamentally did not show the girl’s face until this summer, when the family of artists visited Disneyland Paris. By the way, to visit the largest amusement Park dreamed Garik.