Kristina Asmus changed her image

Кристина Асмус резко сменила имидж Star of TV series “Interns” surprised fans of the youth follows, published in the microblog photo with a very unusual hairstyle. Fans of celebrity amazed at how she go the bold changes.

Popular actress Christina Asmus is familiar to all by the images of a pretty girl with blond hair in a variety of shows and performances. A young mother and wife of humorist Garik Kharlamov never experimented with appearance. But Christina has shared with the followers of the new image, where she appeared with a very original haircut. The girl made his purple dreadlocks. Celebrity has added a photo to the hashtag “peacemobile” and a playful smile.

Fans were excited about the changes to cat and said that she was very pretty, and compared the actress with the character in the anime.

“Christine, what an amazing! Admire you!”, “Very cool image of a teenager! 30 years is not the limit!”, “Pretty! Just gorgeous!”, “You look great, kristinochka, you are very beautiful!”, “Great! Keep it up!”, “Beautiful and fun! A true role model!” – wrote enthusiastic comments fans.

Christina changed her image for the charity race, where she was able to overcome a distance of five kilometers. The actress took part in the sports event dedicated to people with disabilities. Fans of the actress admired his favorite, and wrote words of support.

“I hurt all over, barely rose today, but I’m so happy! Emotions!Thank you to everyone who took part in the race and to everyone who supports the Foundation. See you next year!” – shared his impressions of the actress.

In addition to her acting career and public activities of Kristina, a lot of time on the family: growing actress daughter, who is now three years. The celebrity has repeatedly said that her girl, and Garik — the best man in the world. In an interview with Asmus told me that Anastasia is very similar to his famous dad and has a calm nature. By the way, the young mother often shares in social networks photos of the child. The same can be said about the Garik Kharlamov. However, the celebrity couple loves the baby.