Кристина Асмус стала режиссером
The actress is preparing to shoot directorial debut.

Kristina Asmus


Christina Asmus is preparing to shoot directorial debut. “Two years ago, endless the search and the thirst for growth led me to the Moscow school of cinema at the directing Department under the direction of Alexei Popogrebsky, — says the actress. In school I made a documentary film, advertising, TV series, and a lot of the game works. And now preparing for the shooting of the debut film in the genre of science fiction”.

Recently in Christina’s life happened one more pleasant event. Together with Garik Kharlamov she noted the 5th anniversary of family life. On this occasion the stars
exchanged in the Network is very cute and extremely detailed declarations
love that brought the entire army of their fans into raptures.

“Who would
whatever is said or speculation for us, but the fact remains! — posted by Garik. —
Today we have a wooden wedding. 5 years in marriage, marriage,
marriage soulstoke, collaboration, family, community, Union,
marriage, love, and adoration! “Wooden wedding”! Sounds, of course,
stupid, like go down the aisle Pinocchio and the national team of Russia on football,
but in fact very cool. Thank you, my beloved, for
this time around superdoc and supersizing! Love you and all,
that is connected with you! Go on! Bravissimo and Vivat!!!”

“Today we have with Garik wooden wedding — says Asmus. — Exactly 5 years ago we got married. Have been together for 6 years and seem to always… as If nothing had happened to her husband… so We rooted each other! Yes,
5 years of marriage, maybe not so much. But I can definitely say that
whatever you do, Garik — my dearest man, my blood, my fraternity.
Love you madly, admire you, reach for you and largely
equal. I love you with all of your childishness and petulance of your
snoring and inefficiency. But! For your family you’re breaking up the way for anything in this life. You just superficially loving father! I am so lucky… Yes,
we are very different, we have opposite views on almost everything, but with
you can agree and it’s cool! You are able to listen and hear, I
I love you. We talk a lot, a lot of “bezbashennye” go
to the cafe and cinema, to visit, love to travel, go on
concerts, we all love to do together. You’re extremely talented, and sverdup
sverhsrochnoy friend!!! I just feel good. Let’s continue
so easy! My fortress! Love the kick…”