Kristina Asmus became a burning brunette with hair-Kare

Кристина Асмус стала жгучей брюнеткой со стрижкой-каре
After actress Paulina Andreeva and Polina Gagarina was surprised by the sudden change of image.

Kristina Asmus

Kristina Asmus has amazed fans by the change in appearance.
The actress posted a photo in a very unexpected way. Page subscribers
the stars are not immediately recognized in the burning brunette with short hair caret light-haired and long-haired
Christina. Curiously, not immediately believe that in the picture
Asmus shows that not only fans of the artist, but also her friends. “Is that you?”
— astonishment asked Christina her fellow student — actor Yegor Kharlamov. Yes
smiling, said the actress.

It is worth noting that this fall, celebrities are not just amazed
friends, colleagues and fans of the sudden change of image. However, often, stars
radically transformed just a moment — before the moment was filmed
wig. Did Paulina Andreeva and Nyusha, wearing for wigs
simulate short haircuts.

But then all went to Polina Gagarina. Not so
long ago, the singer made fans wince, she appeared for the cover of a glossy
log with a shaved bald head. Fans Gagarina few days wringing his hands and
together they drank a sedative until it was published, and later not
published a short video where it showed in detail how it is held
preparations for an extravagant photo shoot.