Kristin Stewart has turned into a Director and became another woman

Кристин Стюарт перевоплотилась в режиссера и стала другой женщиной
In an exclusive interview actress “decoded,” which means her new image, so all shocked in Cannes.

Кристин Стюарт перевоплотилась в режиссера и стала другой женщиной

Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart welcome to walk with as long as she stopped acting in the blockbuster and went to Arthouse festival Directors. And now she came to Cannes with his short film, “Go Swim”. Aplomb and confidence the girl not to take. In France it is already welcomed as a mother, and the President of the festival, Thierry Fremaux personally takes her in arms when she climbs up to the entrance of the festival Palace.

Last year Kristen was at Cannes with the team of woody Allen, he took her in his last film “high life”. Before she came to the Riviera with pictures of other respected in the film world European authors. In short, Stewart from “Twilight” and the current young and stylish lady — like see in front of different people. And no one here even tries to gossip about, and how she will meet in Cannes with former lover Robert Pattinson?

He also tried as far as possible to get away from the vampire Saga and became favorites of many Directors of low-budget independent movie. But it would seem quite recently, this couple and all the UPS and downs of their love relationships, together or not, and what is happening and discussed all over the world – and in the same Cannes.

Kristen is very sweet in communication and refused to pay for a few minutes.

— Kristen, I wonder what it’s like to be here as a Director, not an actress — this is a Director’s festival, in the sense that in Cannes the Director is the main figure, steeper than any star…

— You know, it was very interesting to work for someone else. But only for themselves. (Laughs). When I just removed as an actress, I try to convey the vision of the Director, his emotions, to Express what the Director wants. Of course, I try in good faith to conform to what and want from me Director. I am very responsible and important for me a good job to perform. I know this feeling, you know when seeking to protect someone-and it was always in Cannes when I went with different Directors and their films. I always wanted themselves, and to protect them from criticism, failure, negative things. Having come here myself as a Director, I feel like I have no responsibility! (Laughs). Me fun and easy. Moreover, it’s short. In the battle for the “Palme d’or” my work does not participate. Relax the soul. But, of course, very grateful to the festival bosses and the selectors that they noticed me and invited.

— Come on you Blues. In my opinion, you are just love…

Are you talking about how Thierry Fremaux, Director Cannes film festival I was greeted upstairs at the Cannes ladder? (laughs). Well, Yes, he was so incredibly accomodating that for a full minute to communicate with me in front of an astonished audience! It is very nice. He understands how important to me it is in Cannes to show his first directorial work. And I really feel at home here. Great! I like it!

— And probably the French have already learned, you also invited to act in films by French Directors…

Thanks, but I’m trying. (Smiles). Yes, I work in France, and so, of course, language learning easier. I recently starred with Vincent Cassel and he is constantly mocked. “Well, now let’s listen to this app!” Is it on the app on the phone, where you can learn the language at any minute. Vincent was bysocial me as he could. But only in French. Had to get out somehow to answer him. So I have gained a great vocabulary during these surveys.

— Your new job Director, a new haircut, a new style is you so make a statement? Give us something important to understand, to guess?

I have changed the image, so to speak, exclusively for the filming of the movie “Under water”. Where I play engineer in all kinds of underwater things. And constantly there in the water hang out and almost get out of the wetsuit to save time. So cut your hair for practical reasons. And now I’m used to this hairstyle and feel comfortable with almost no hair on the head (Laughs). Perhaps it will live still, painfully free feel. Yes, and my next heroine in the movies almost all wear wigs. So it is very convenient with a short haircut, practical again. No, I’m certainly not going to change anything. Times all so well developed. But I really didn’t know what to think. How to open, open to me other eyes have seen…

— Yes, I can say you are far removed from the image of pale, fragile Bella, in love with a vampire…

— I really tried, honestly. At first I wanted to be an action heroine, tough. And now I really like my new feminine and sensual image. Not fragile girl, but a young woman. But also like quite a more thin and twangy! (Laughs).

Kristen Stewart and Thierry Fremaux