Kristen Stewart will star in a movie about Lizzie Borden

Кристен Стюарт снимется в фильме о Лиззи Борден

Massive and big-budget Hollywood star “Twilight” Kristen Stewart prefers a more intellectual movie. Recently, the actress starred in “high life” woody Allen. Now she takes on the project with criminal overtones.

Stewart agreed to participate in the film about Lizzie Barlin – American, which is widely famous through the murder of her father and stepmother. The girl was accused of this crime.

Events occurred in the late 19th century. In August 1892 the bodies of his father and stepmother, Lizzie was discovered. The perpetrators of the incident in the early days the police believed strangers who broke into the family home. However, over time, more and more evidence began to indicate that the cold-blooded murder – the handiwork of the girl.

She was arrested. Newspapers strongly accused Lizzie Borden of murder. At the same time, ordinary people had a good opinion about Lizzie and rose to her defense. The process was 10 days and Lizzie was acquitted. Still, her case raises a wide variety of interpretations and disputes.

At the end of the trial Lizzie has inherited all the property of the father. She sold the old house and bought a new one. She never married and became a mother. Killing her father and stepmother remained unsolved. In the US there is still a “Society of the friends of Lizzie Borden,” which disseminates the views of the innocence of Lizzie.

In addition to Kristen Stewart in the new project will star Chloe sevigny, Fiona Shaw, Jamie Sheridan. Directing duties were assumed by Craig Willm McNeill, previously filmed short films.

Premiere date of the film not called.