Kristen Stewart meets up with St. Vincent

Кристен Стюарт встречается с St. Vincent

Star vampire Saga “Twilight” Kristen Stewart and French singer St. Vincent officially Dating. This claim numerous sources close to the star couple. Over the past few weeks the girls have been seen together very often, but recently the singer came to support my friend at the film festival New York Film Festival held in East Viledzh.

We will remind that more recently St. Vincent met model and actress Cara Delevingne, they even managed to get engaged and almost got married, but this fall, a few weeks after the birth of Kara, the couple broke up. The reason, they say, have become frequent separation and breakup, and the last straw was the lack of St. Vincent on holiday Cart.
Stewart also were married in July she resumed relations with a former lover Alicia Kargil, and in an interview admitted her in the big and pure love. Official comments on the status of the relationship, neither Kristen nor St. Vincent is not given.