Kristen Stewart joined the ranks of blondes

Кристен Стюарт перешла в ряды блондинок
The actress has dared at cardinal changes in appearance.

Кристен Стюарт перешла в ряды блондинок

Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart

Photo: Splash News/East news

This transformation Kristen Stewart did not expect even the most dedicated fans of Hollywood
stars. Actress unexpectedly became a blonde! This became known
after the appearance of Kristen at the airport in Los Angeles, where she
recently returned from Paris.

Information about what
Stewart made such a decisive step, not yet. But we can assume that
the reason was the new love actress. Kristen never parted
with his girlfriend singer Soko, real name Stephanie Sokolinski.
The girls spent a lot of time together in Paris, where Stuart ended
the shooting of the next film.

It is not excluded that the change of image was “timed” to the 26th anniversary of Kristen, the actress said the other day.

It should be noted that blond Stuart became for the first time. Earlier the girl experimented
with shades of hair, but preference is always given to dark colors. Reaction
fans at radical change have been mixed. Many fans of the stars of the “Twilight” Saga said that her new hair color was similar to…
Justin Bieber. He some time ago repainted
hair in a similar shade of blond.

Comments about sharp
image change from the Stuart to be expected. The actress does not like
to spread about his personal life, ignoring social media and in
recently rarely appears at social events. However, recently fans of Stuart all got the chance to see their idol in the form of a fatal Italians in new relanon the video of the company Chanel.

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